April 28, 2016

Sometimes Renovations Get A Little Bloody…

Who would have guessed when we started blogging about the Do It Again Garage, that we would end up reporting on so many stories of minor garage-related injuries? We really think it’s time for our boys to be a little more careful. Regular readers of the DIA Garage Blog know it’s been one “accident” after another here at the Garage. This past week, it was Matt who suffered another assault to his…er…finger. Thankfully, it wasn’t serious. Nothing some anti-bacterial ointment and a bandage couldn’t fix, at least. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to share the renovation-related carnage with you, of course…

In other garage-related news, Matt and Bill have made some good progress on the van. They spent most of the weekend reassembling the van after purchasing a bunch of new parts that they were excited to finally get to use. Once the van’s frame was patched up and reinforced, it was time to rebuild the whole vehicle. Item by item, they put it all back together – front and rear axles, shocks, springs, brakes and tires.

The boys rolled the van outside to make room for the Firebird that had been waiting patiently for its final electrical system updates. With a few tweaks, the lights are finally in working order, and the Firebird is ready to take its place on the block at the Mecum Auction down in Philadelphia this coming July.

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Next up, Matt and Bill will start work on the “dreaded” body work to the van.  This is a painstaking but ultimately rewarding process of removing all the little pin striping tape from inside and out and beginning to make it shine once again.

On a side note, last week Bill went down to Pennsylvania to the Spring Carlisle Car Show.  Carlisle bills itself as a collector and classic car swap meet, car corral and auction held each April in America’s Automotive Hometown, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The event plays host to thousands of collector and classic automotive enthusiasts, who travel to the 150-acre Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds from all points of the globe to buy, sell and celebrate all things automotive. As always, Bill was looking for the next diamond in the rough.  Although he did not come back with a new project car he did manage to locate some hard-to-find parts. Car shows are always top on the list of things to do and places to visit for our favorite renovation experts.