December 16, 2016

The Boys Are Back at the Do It Again Garage!

After a bit of a hiatus, our Dynamic Renovation Duo, Matt and Bill, are “back in gear!” (sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

The weather may have turned cold outside, but it’s nice and toasty inside the Do It Again Garage. The boys have turned their attention to the renovation of a 1956 Chevy Pickup that Bill had bought a few years ago. The truck needs a lot of work so the boys needed to pick the right time to tackle this project.

Bill bought the truck as a “basket case.” The doors were off, the bed was completely rotted, and there was no transmission. A real fixer-upper. First thing Bill did was to find an engine on eBay. Turns out it’s an original motor from another 1956 Pickup, a V8 265 cubic inch engine that has been sitting around a barn in the Midwest for decades. Matt and Bill are literally breathing new life into this classic piece of motor history.

To make sure it’s ready for re-sale, the boys cut and sectioned the frame to transform the truck’s original long bed into a short bed. The wisdom is that short bed trucks are more marketable. Then they removed the rear end entirely and ordered new front and rear leaf springs so that they can lower the stance of the truck by three inches.

They welded new metal to the cab and added new running boards and steps. Next, they mounted the clutch pressure plate & transmission. Soon, the truck will be ready to hit the block, transformed from an abandoned wreck to a fully functioning and beautiful classic vehicle. This is exactly the kind of renovation project that Matt and Bill love the most. Bringing a car or truck from junk status to classic beauty with just a little elbow grease and creative expertise.

We’ll keep you posted on further exploits from the Do It Again Garage in the coming months. Meanwhile, we wish you Happy Holidays from all of us at Gould Insurance!

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