July 28, 2016

On the Road to the Mecum Auction…Again!

Word on the street is, after a great deal of  “hemming and hawing,” Matt made the decision to take the ’69 Firebird down to this month’s Mecum Auction scheduled for July 21 – 23 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Originally, our Do It Again Garage duo wasn’t going to make the trip, but thanks to a little extra pressure from the girls in the office and a last-minute phone call from Bill to push him over the edge, Matt finally agreed to go.

We think the girls may have said something like, “Come on, Matt, it’s summer! What better time to take a road trip?”

No exact quotes have been shared, however.

Yesterday morning, promptly at the crack of dawn, the guys loaded the Firebird onto the trailer and off they went. We’re guessing there were plenty of healthy snacks packed for the trip because they planned to drive straight through. Good news, they didn’t hit much traffic so early in the day!

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Gould Insurance Massachusetts

Having arrived safely in Harrisburg, Matt and Bill have been spending time cleaning and polishing the car, getting it all spiffed up and looking pretty. It will hit the auction floor tomorrow (Friday) and we’ll learn what its cash value really is. The Firebird is officially featured on the Mecum Auction website. Check out this link to its description.

We’ll be awfully sorry to see the Firebird go, but eager to find out what sort of vehicle will take its place at the Do It Again Garage. Check back again soon here on the blog or on our Facebook page to hear how things went down in Pennsylvania at the auction.


Just this afternoon, Bill and Matt were walking around the auction floor checking out the sights.  When they headed back to the Firebird Matt notice the hood was up.  Matt asked Bill if he had popped it up before they left and Bill said no.  Once they got closer they noticed one of the announcers and a camera man were checking the car out.  The announcer told Bill and Matt that one of the reporters from NBC Sports had picked their car as a “featured car” for tomorrow’s auction.

Who knew the dynamic duo would actually get their car on TV!