Auto Repair Shop Insurance in Massachusetts

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Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts

Auto Repair Shop Insurance in Massachusetts

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What is auto repair shop insurance?

Auto service comes with inherent and not-insignificant risks. Equipment can break down, vandals can break into vehicles, customers can be hurt, and any number of other things might go wrong. Auto repair shop insurance may help service centers in Massachusetts shield themselves from a range of covered risks.

Auto repair shop insurance is commercial insurance tailored for businesses involved in the servicing and repair of vehicles. Policies usually bundle a variety of liability and property coverages.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts
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What Massachusetts businesses should have auto body shop insurance?

Most businesses offering vehicle maintenance and repair services in Massachusetts should have insurance. Auto body shop insurance is generally able to protect most businesses in this industry. It’s not necessarily just for body shops.

For example, the following are examples of various businesses that could likely benefit from having an auto body shop policy:

  • Service centers at auto dealerships
  • Independent garages and mechanics
  • Auto paint and body shops
  • Transmission repair services
  • Heavy-duty truck repair services
  • Motorcycle repair services
  • Custom exhaust installers
  • Quick oil change businesses
  • Auto glass repair businesses

While the service center at a dealership may need the coverages included in an auto body shop policy, the dealership also usually has other coverage needs. Dealerships may fold an auto body shop policy’s protections into a broader policy.

What insurance protections do auto repair shop policies come with?

Auto repair shop policies can come with a range of important protections. Some coverages frequently included in policies are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Normally insures against basic accidents occurring on a repair shop’s property when they result in third-party injury.
  • Garage Keepers Liability Coverage: Normally insures against damage to customer vehicles while they’re at the repair shop’ or being driven by employees.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Normally insures against major lawsuits that exceed the limits of general liability coverage, garage keepers coverage, or another liability coverage.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Normally insures a repair shop’s building, equipment, tools, parts inventory, computers, and other items (excluding vehicles) against damage or loss.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Normally insures a repair shop’s loaner cars, tow trucks, and other vehicles, often covering accidents and other incidents involving the vehicles.
  • Crime Coverage: Normally insures against internal theft by employees, and also theft by burglars.
  • Business Income Coverage: Normally insures against extended periods of lost revenue after covered disasters that force a repair shop to temporarily close.

An insurance agent specializes in auto repair shop policies can explain these coverages in greater detail, and recommend any other coverages that might be helpful.

Do auto repair shops need to have workers compensation coverage?

Yes, auto repair shops in Massachusetts are generally required to carry workers compensation coverage. State law generally requires the coverage if a business has employees, and few shops have no employees.

The purpose of workers compensation is to help protect employees if they’re injured while working. Workplace injury is obviously a risk when working on vehicles.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance Massachusetts

Do auto body shop insurance policies cover customer items that are in vehicles??

No, most auto body shop policies don’t cover items that customers leave in their vehicles. For this reason, many shops have a disclaimer that they aren’t responsible for customer belongings.

How much do auto repair shops pay for their insurance?

The cost of auto body shop insurance varies based on factors like the shop’s location, its size, services offered, and specific risks like the types of vehicles serviced or equipment used. These are just a few of the details that insurance companies normally consider when calculating premiums.

To find out how much insuring a particular shop will be, owners or managers can consult an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to compare quotes from among several insurance companies that offer these policies.

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Where can service centers find auto repair shop insurance?

For help insuring an auto service center that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Gould Insurance. Our agents will make sure you find auto repair shop insurance that’ll protect your business well.


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