ATV Insurance in Massachusetts

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ATV Insurance Massachusetts

ATV Insurance in Massachusetts

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What is ATV insurance?

Riding all-terrain vehicles can be great fun, but it’s excitement that comes with some risks. From on-trail (or off-trail) accidents to theft, ATV insurance may help riders in Massachusetts protect against a variety of risks.

ATV insurance provides tailor-made coverage for all-terrain vehicles. Most policies can cover trail riding, riding along roadside shoulders, and also when an ATV is in storage.

Who in Massachusetts needs to carry four-wheeler insurance?

Four-wheeler insurance is generally recommended for anyone who has an ATV, UTV, or four-wheeler. Although Massachusetts may not require coverage, not insuring can be disastrous if something happens.

For riders who have financed or leased their ATVs, coverage might be required not by state law but by loan condition. Many lenders require that coverages like comprehensive and collision be in place, in case the ATV that’s collateral against a loan is damaged.

Additionally, ATV riders who go out-of-state or on certain trails might need certain insurance coverages. Other states, such as Vermont, can require liability coverages. Organizations that maintain trails occasionally require that all riders using the trails have liability coverage, too.

ATV Insurance Massachusetts
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What protections can four-wheeler insurance policies come with?

The insurance protections that any insurance policy offers depend on the specific features of that policy. In most cases, four-wheeler policies offer coverages such as the following:

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Usually for injuries to individuals riding the four-wheeler during its operation.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Usually for injuries to people who aren’t on the insured four-wheeler, such as riders of other ATVs and non-riders.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Usually for non-collision damage to the four-wheeler, often including damage from falling objects, animals, theft, fire, and other perils.
  • Collision Coverage: Usually for damage to the four-wheeler resulting from collisions with other vehicles, often including ATVs, cars, or trucks.
  • Accessories Coverage: Usually for safety gear and accessories used with the four-wheeler, possibly including trailers, helmets, aftermarket upgrades, and bags.
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Usually for damage to others’ property caused by a collision, possibly including damage to ATVs, cars, fences, and buildings.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Usually for collisions where the at-fault rider or driver lacks adequate insurance, and usually also covers hit-and-runs.

Can car insurance policies cover ATVs?

Car insurance policies are generally for cars and other registered road vehicles, such as minivans, SUVs, and trucks. They generally don’t cover off-road vehicles like ATVs. Instead, four-wheeler insurance is normally needed to insure an ATV.

Can home insurance policies cover ATVs?

Some home insurance policies might provide a limited amount of coverage for select ATVs. Any coverage that’s provided by a homeowners policy will likely be limited to lower horsepower and smaller ATVs. The coverage can also be limited in terms of what’s covered and what the limits are. Moreover, not all homeowners policies provide protection.

For help reviewing whether a home insurance policy covers an ATV, riders can review their policy with an agent who understands these policies. An agent who specializes in ATVs will know what coverages to look for, and they’ll be able to check the terms of a homeowners policy.

ATV Insurance Massachusetts

Can riders cancel their ATV policy when not riding for a season?

Riders may be tempted to cancel their ATV policy when they won’t be riding, frequently for the winter. Sometimes riders will want to cancel a policy if they’re injured for the summer and unable to head out on the trails.

In either situation, actually canceling a policy usually isn’t the best choice. A canceled policy will no longer offer protection, including protection against damage that occurs while an ATV is stored. 

Instead, modifying a policy is often the better approach. Coverages that protect against potential damage might be kept, while other coverages that are only applicable when riding might be skipped. This may offer a way to save on premiums without leaving an ATV unprotected against damage.

A knowledgeable agent can help riders make the appropriate adjustments to their particular policy.

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Where can riders in Massachusetts find ATV insurance for their four-wheelers?

If you need to insure a four-wheeler or other all-terrain vehicle, contact the independent insurance agents at Gould Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents will find ATV insurance to keep you and your four-wheeler protected well.


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