Electrician Insurance in Massachusetts

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Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

Electrician Insurance in Massachusetts

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What is electrician insurance?

The work that electricians do comes with inherent risks, and these are in addition to the standard risks that most businesses face. Electrician insurance may help electricians working in Massachusetts protect their businesses from a range of perils that they face.

Electrician insurance is specially tailored for electrical contractors and their businesses. Policies may protect against work accidents, car accidents, theft, and more.

What businesses in Massachusetts need small electrical business insurance?

Most electricians working in Massachusetts should consider small electrical business insurance. Self-employed electricians, local electrical contractors, and some larger companies may want a policy.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts
Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

What coverages should electricians look for in an insurance policy?

Small electrical business insurance policies may provide several important coverages. Some that electricians might want to prioritize are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Could cover third-party injuries or property damage arising from common accidents (not auto accidents).
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: Could cover injuries or damages resulting from serious mistakes or errors that an electrician makes.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Could cover expensive lawsuits with additional liability protection, beyond the limits of other liability coverages.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Could cover an electrician’s assets, possibly including supplies, tools, equipment, and a facility.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Could cover an electrician’s supplies, tools, and equipment while they’re moved between locations.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Could cover work vans or trucks that an electrician’s business owns.
  • Business Income Coverage: Could cover income loss following a covered disaster or event.

Do small electrical business policies cover damage caused by electrical fault or fire?

Small electrical business policies often cover electrical fault or fire when it’s the result of bad work. If a mistake causes a fault, a policy may cover the resulting damage under its E&O coverage. A knowledgeable insurance agent can confirm a specific policy’s protections.

Are electricians required to get workers compensation coverage?

Workers compensation normally covers workplace injuries that employees sustain. It’s an important protection for employees who could be hurt on the job, which certainly is a risk for electricians.

In Massachusetts, workers compensation is generally required if a business has any employees. Electrical contractors and businesses that hire employees usually are required to carry this coverage. Those who are self-employed might not need to purchase it.

Do electricians who are employees need their own insurance?

Electricians who are employees normally receive coverage through their employer’s insurance policy. It’s important to confirm that an employer has a sufficient policy, and to understand the limits of an employer’s policy.

Any employer-provided coverage will usually only apply when doing work for the employer. Side jobs picked up on evenings or weekends are unlikely to be covered by an employer.

Electricians who have side work should talk with an insurance agent who understands small electrical business insurance well. A knowledgeable agent will understand the coverage needs that doing electrical work on the side presents, and how to affordably insure against certain risks.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

Do electricians who are subcontractors need their own insurance?

Electricians who are hired as subcontractors should review their insurance situation with an experienced agent.

Sometimes the hiring general contractor will extend insurance coverage to the subcontractors they hire. This may be a main feature of the general contractor’s policy, or individual subcontractors may be added onto the policy as “additional insureds.”

While coverage provided through a general contractor’s policy probably shouldn’t be refused, electricians should review any general contractor’s policy carefully. An insurance agent who specializes in electrician policies will be able to check the terms of a general contractor’s policy. The agent can see whether electrical work is included within coverage provisions, and whether the chosen limits are sufficient.

In other situations, the general contractor won’t extend insurance coverage to subcontractors. Electricians usually need their own insurance policy if they don’t have any (or adequate) coverage through a general contractor’s policy.

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Where can electricians find electrician insurance?

If you’re an electrician in Massachusetts and need insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Gould Insurance. Whether you’re a self-employed electrician, run a small


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