February 24, 2022

Building the Factory 5 Cobra – step One

After a long hiatus it’s time for the boys to get back to work in the garage.  The new project is going to be a Factory 5 Cobra.

Factory 5 was founded in 1995 and is one of the largest manufactures of do-it-yourself car kits.   Bill took a trip to their shop in Wareham MA in the fall of 2021 and ordered a Roadster MK4 kit.

The kit comes complete with tires, brakes, wiring and more, basically everything except the drive train.  It includes how to books and videos and should take roughly 600-800 hours to complete.

Regarding color, the car will be black with white stripes.  Bill and Henry Ford have this color in common.  As Henry Ford once said “you can order the car in any color you want as long as it’s black!”

The kit should be arriving at the garage in mid-March.  So, get ready to follow along and watch the progress.  Stay tuned for the engine choice, it should make this Cobra one mean machine.

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