March 7, 2016

The Firebird Hits the Road!

Over the past few weeks, Do It Again Garage partners, Matt and Bill, put the finishing touches on their 1969 Firebird. Our favorite mechanics made the necessary final adjustments to the shift linkage and the electric choke, and the scripts were evenly applied front and back. It was time to take this vintage beauty out on the road.

Matt sat behind the wheel and Bill rode shotgun, as the newly rebuilt Pontiac Firebird ripped around the block several times, with both auto restoration experts listening intently to make sure everything sounded just right. Of course, this inaugural ride had to be scheduled during the daytime because the electric system had yet to be hooked up – lights included.

The lack of electricity also meant that the car radio wasn’t working on their maiden voyage. Too bad! Just for fun, we asked Matt and Bill what tune they look forward to hearing when the radio kicks in for the first time. Bill answered first. His favorite driving song is “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. Since Matt is a huge Led Zeppelin fan, he’s looking forward to listening to “Whole Lotta Love” as his first Firebird tune. Either way, the guys will sure to be rockin’ out once they get the tunes hooked up.

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After these few remaining details are taken care of, Matt and Bill are planning to bring the Firebird down to the Mecum Auction in Philadelphia this summer. There, the car will go up on the block and be sold to the highest bidder, making room for their next project, Bill’s 1972 Chevy Econoline, otherwise affectionately known as The Mystery Van, coming soon to the Do It Again Garage.