Antique Vehicles

Antique Auto and Auto Memorabilia Insurance

A little known fact is that Gould Insurance owner, Matt Sherrill is a genuine antique auto aficionado. That’s right, in Matt’s spare time, he can be found restoring antique vehicles, attending car shows or recovering auto memorabilia around New England. Matt and the team at Gould bring a unique passion for collectable cars and knowledge of this specialized industry into the day-to-day services at Gould Insurance.

Whether you own a classic car, boat, truck, sports utility, vintage motorcycle, antique tractor, dragster, roadster or auto memorabilia collection, Gould has the right policy to protect these unique symbols of the past and give you the peace of mind that your investment will stand the test of time.

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Services Included

Antique/Classic Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles
Modified Vehicles
(Hot Rods & Replicas)
Classic Military Vehicles
Antique Tractors
Vehicles Under Construction

Auto Memorabilia
1980 & Newer Vehicles
(that are maintained for collector activities)
(vintage race cars, nostalgia dragsters, Pro-Street)

Yes & No. We do need to know how many miles you average in a year but the real factor is if you have another daily use vehicle. We need to make sure the antique is not your primary vehicle.
No. A regular private passenger registration will work just fine.
All drivers on an antique vehicle policy need to be at least 25 years old.
No. The policy is written for a full year but the winter lay up period is factored into the rating structure, so rates are much lower at that time of year, compared to a standard auto policy.
Most of the companies we work with require the cars be at least 25 years old but we have some unique situations when there might be other qualifications that apply.
For vehicles valued at $30,000 or less we usually do not require an appraisal.
Some examples of auto memorabilia are gas pumps & signs, license plates, model cars, street lights & signs, etc.